Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas decoration

Nearing the New Year holiday! It's time gifts, celebrations and a sense of wonder ... They say how you will meet the New Year, so spend it. Festive atmosphere all to say for itself. What kind of mood the next year we have prepared for the decorators at this time?

New Year's fashion has always been famous for its opulence, wealth, and ... unpredictability. The main trend of the coming year the White Tiger - luxury, grace and a bit of mischief!

In a fashion all shades of white, gold, fiery red and black. Such a bright combination of New Year's decorations, controlled taste and look professional designer will be a good start Year of the Tiger!

For those who appreciate originality, New Year prepares surprises - fancy decorations, which were the like from the pages of books about fairies fairy: Christmas dolls, flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, - ornaments, so beloved by us in recent years.

Another very attractive trend is the color ... rainbow! In a fashion all color, professionally selected and always collected on the same Christmas tree!
This year, the registration of premises and Christmas decorations firs of transparent plastic, such as figures as angels, elves, figurines of animals and birds. They can be combined with ornaments made of feathers, down and artificial flowers. For larger rooms look fairly impressive, inflatable, revolving Christmas figures, power LED and composition. They are suitable for decoration of private houses, and for the design of large shopping centers.

Chances are you can watch the resurgent trend to reduce the significance of color this year. You may notice that the color is not the prevailing values, all colors are in fashion, without exception. But the popularity of exclusive toys, often handmade toys. This is doubly useful because you can save money and still be in vogue. Also interesting are the unusual idea - it's always fashionable, and unusual ornaments, such as Christmas tree, decorated with mushrooms.

In the light design is also popular unusual ideas. Light panels are pushed to the wayside. First place is occupied by three-dimensional luminous shapes: spheres, stars, fountains, coach, triple, and a well thought-out combination of different light elements in one composition.